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  • Group:         
    Small group pasture turnout with run-in, individual stalls available for $50/month extra
  • Private:       
    Private pasture with full stall board
  • Stallions:      Private pasture with full stall board
  • Customized: please contact us

Owner/Manager on premises

Horses are checked daily



Are you seeking the 3 p's for your trusty steed?

Here at Rugby Creek we can provide the
erfect Peaceful Place
for retiring your special horse!


Need a way to ship your horse to our retirement farm?
We offer that too - nationwide!  Click Here 4 Transport

We have rental cabins on the farm that you can come and vacation at while visiting your horse!


  • Run-In Sheds are 10x20 or 10x30
  • Stalls are 12x12, rubber mats and heated waterers
  • Automatic Heated Waterers in each pasture
  • 4 strand horse fence (black for visibility and electrified)


Retirement Board Includes;

  • Pictures upon arrival & emailed to you
  • Quarterly email updates with pictures
  • 24-Hour Turnout with run-in. Small compatible groups
    (individual stall board - additional $50 per month)
  • Salt/Mineral Blocks
  • De-worming on rotation basis (6x year)
  • Trimming (must board here minimum of 6 months to receive this service)
  • Annual Vaccinations (must board here a minimum of 6 months to receive this service)
  • Holding for regular vet/farrier visits
  • Summer - grazing on lush mountain orchard pasture
  • Winter - high quality orchard or orchard/alfalfa hay up to 4 flakes a daily or round rolls in pasture groups
    (*hard keepers* = additional amount would be covered by owner)
  • Equine Senior Feed as needed up to 2 scoops daily (*hard keepers* = additional amount would be covered by owner)


Options we can offer at no additional cost;
           (items provided by owner)

  • Winter Blanketing if needed
  • Summer fly masks if requested
  • Maintenance meds/supplements as required


Optional Services/Care - Additional costs to owner;

  • Shoes/Corrective Farrier Work (trimming is included)
  • Hard Keepers - additional amounts of hay/grain
  • Individual Stall Board -$50/month extra