Broodmares are the vital aspect of any breeding program!  Here at Rugby Creek we believe the broodmare brings as much to the ingredients and makeup of a foal as much and even more so than the stallion.  The broodmare not only contributes her bloodlines and confirmation but she is the one that teaches the foal its first habits (good or bad), she (broodmare) is the one that trains the baby in its first experiences and she (broodmare) is the one that you must trust to raise you a quality foal that is both physically healthy and mentally healthy at time of weaning.


Our broodmares are our top priority.  They receive excellent care and have nice small group pasture turnout most of the year, fed top quality fresh milled feed, delicious mountain grass pasture, temperate climate, free choice rolls in winter protected by hay huts and blankets as desired!  Then are brought in closer to time of foaling where they are pampered with soft bedding, muscle/body massage, video monitoring and all the love they can want!  With the foal they have turnout in the cooler evenings and are brought in during the day to stalls with paddocks or large private run-ins with fans and a leisure routine daily.

We strive to make our mares happy!

  •  Custom Broodmare Leases & Create-A-Foal
    (you lease a chosen mare, breed her to your favorite stallion, board her with us and foal out your dream baby)!
  • In-Utero Foal Options
    (purchase or reserve a foal in-utero)