We take deep pride in the horses we produce and offer for sale.  
Each buyer becomes a member of our Rugby Horse Family and we stay in contact with our foals for their life!  

Most of our foals are so highly desired they are reserved in-utero or sold before weaning.  
On a rare occasion we will have one that stays with us a bit longer and only once have we needed to buy one of our babies back and he was resold to another great home.  

Sometimes we will have a horse or pony that we didn’t raise but has crossed our path and we’ve taken it on to match up with a special person so check out the horses we have periodically.

The drop down menu’s on the top navigation bar of this “sales topic” will have each horse listed and personal page with more information or you can click on their names below

  • Wapz Gaelic Lass
  • Wapz Charmed Element
  • La Creme de La Creme aka Cantus
  • Lyse aka Magic/Snuzzie